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Clinton Sparks

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Clinton Sparks

"A really good student that knows what it takes to win."

Ronnie King

"Johnny's very contemporary & phenomenal in his craft!"

Mickey Avalon

"You've got to check out my boy Johnny G!"

Andy Vargas

"Get ready! Johnny is about to take over!"

Robert Cooper

"A voice to be reckoned with in the SoCal music scene."

A Background About Johnny Gillespie

Johnny Gillespie is a cross genre alternative artist / producer and songwriter based in Orange County, California. His sound blurs the lines between the warmth of old-school rap and the flexibility of the modern alternative scene, finding the sweet spot somewhere in between. His music is particularly distinctive due to the striking attention to detail and the quality production aesthetics you can expect from this talented artist. Johnny’s influences are extremely diverse, echoing the work of artists such as Sublime, Everlast, and Beck, only to mention but a few. He is not necessarily a rap artist, but rather someone who simply wants to make great music, regardless of genre aesthetics, rules and definitions. Johnny Gillespie, loves to challenge himself with many different sonic ideas. Throughout the span of his career, Johnny has worked with Clinton Sparks, and his mentor is Ronnie King, a record producer known for his work with legends like Tupac, Mariah Carey and more. He also had the opportunity to work with artists like Casey Sullivan from Seedless, as well as collaborating with producers like Bradley Denniston (G-Eazy, Gotye…) Johnny is highly appreciated for his energetic live performances and he also played with artists like Mickey Avalon, and Yelawolf, just to mention a couple. If you are are confident in your skill set and capability, teaming up with Johnny will take you to the next level!

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Mixing and mastering music is the process of taking recorded audio and adjusting it to create a desired sound. This involves balancing levels, manipulating dynamics, adding effects, and more. Mixing helps ensure that different elements of a song are audible and balanced in relation to each other. Mastering takes the mix and further refines it for a professional quality finish. This includes optimizing EQ, compression, stereo imaging, and loudness. When done well, mixing and mastering can help enhance the overall sound of a song or album. With the right tools and techniques, anyone can learn how to mix and master their own music! Music production is the process of transforming a song idea into an audio recording. It involves capturing and manipulating sound using digital audio workstations (DAWs), hardware instruments, software plugins, microphones, and other pieces of sound equipment. The goal of music production is to create a final product that sounds professional, emotionally resonates with listeners, and meets the needs of the artist or label. Music producers are responsible for overseeing all aspects of production from start to finish, such as selecting studio musicians, finding the right sound for each instrument, mixing together multiple tracks, and mastering the finished product. With an understanding of composition theory and technical proficiency in sound engineering techniques, music producers help bring their clients’ vision to life. Music features refer to the various elements that make up a musical composition. These include melody, harmony, rhythm and texture. Melody is the main tune of the song that can be hummed or sung along with; it usually consists of single notes or scales. Harmony is made up of chords and other accompanying parts that create a richer sound when combined with the melody. Rhythm is created by patterns in tempo, meter and accents and gives the music its structure and movement. Texture describes how all these elements are layered together – for example, a song could have multiple instruments playing different tunes at once or one instrument throughout. All these aspects combine to form a unique musical experience for listeners. Ultimately, music features are essential for creating a memorable and enjoyable piece of music. With careful crafting, features can help bring a piece of music to life and make it truly one-of-a-kind. Contact Johnny today to get started!

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